STEM 24-Month Extension
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Update on Filing OPT Online

As of now, International Student Services Does Not recommend filing the I-765 for STEM OPT  Extension online.  Please follow the instructions provided on this site for requesting STEM OPT I-20. 

If you do choose to file online:

  • An STEM OPT I-20 is REQUIRED before you submit I-765 through MyUSCIS portal; otherwise your application will be denied.

  • You must speak with an international student advisor before you submit your application online via myusics.

Note:  If you filed your application physically and you have a receipt number you can access the many of the benefits of online filing by creating an online account with USCIS and linking your paper-filed application to your MyUSCIS account.   


STEM Extension

Students who graduate in certain Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics majors might be eligible to extend the 12-month Optional Practical Training period for an additional 24 months.


  • You must currently completing Post-Completion OPT

  • You cannot exceed your 90 days unemployment during Post-Completion OPT

  • You have earned qualifying STEM degree (STEM Designated Degree Program list)

  • Employment must be related to your STEM major/ field of study

  • Any employer must have an e-Verify number

  • You must work a minimum of 20 hours (full-time) of paid work for an e-verify employer

  • You must submit the completed Form I-983 “TRAINING PLAN FOR STEM OPT STUDENTS” at the time of application.​

Required Materials

  • Form I-983 Training Plan for Stem OPT Students Pages 1 – 4, completed by student and employer

  • Copies of your current I-20 and any previously issued I-20s

  • Copies of your passport and visa information page and I-94 print out

  • Completed form I-765.  You can download the most current form from the USCIS website.   

  • Copy of both sides of any previously issued EAD cards

  • Copy of your STEM diploma 

  • Copy of SUNY New Paltz transcript (Request SUNY New Paltz transcript)

  • Completed form G-1145 if you want to receive email/ text verification from the USCIS that your application has been accepted.

  • Upload STEM OPT Administration Fee* Receipt


  1. Complete the online STEM Extension Request in your ISS-Profile and 

  2. Complete the OPT Employment Update in your ISS-Profile.  

Special Considerations

  • You can apply for the STEM extension as early as 90 days before your current OPT expires.

  • As long as your application is received by the USCIS before your OPT expires, you can work up to 180 days after your OPT expiration date while your application is pending.

  • You must validate your STEM OPT employment at 6 months and 18 months.  

  • ​You must submit the completed “Evaluation of Student Progress” 12 months into the approved 24-month STEM extension period.

  • You must submit the completed “Final Evaluation of Student Progress” 24 months into the approved 24-month STEM extension period or if you change STEM employers.  

  • ​You cannot be unemployed for more than 60 days within your STEM period. 

  • The *STEM OPT Administration Fee is a required fee of $150 for any any student applying for STEM OPT.  Since you remain on the immigration sponsorship of SUNY New Paltz, for additional 24 months, a STEM OPT Administration Fee must be paid. 

  • Please visit our STEM FAQ: All you need to know about STEM OPT site for additional information about employment possibilities while on STEM OPT.