OPT Employment Possibilities
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Report Update/Change of OPT & STEM OPT Employer

Maintaining F-1 status while on OPT & STEM OPT

SEVP - Student and Exchange Visitor Program requires all students completing 12 months of OPT and 24 Month STEM OPT to report employment and U.S. address (changes/updates) to International Student Programs.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any employment you accept is directly related to your field of study. When you report employment updates to International Student Programs you will be required to provide details on your employment, address, supervisor, as well as providing a description of how the job is directly related to your field of study. 

You must report the following:

- name changes 
- physical address changes (must report within ten days)
- employer changes or your employment address changes
- lose your job 
- immigration status changes (e.g. change to H-1B)

Students completing 24 Month STEM OPT must also submit: 
- pages 1-4 of I-983 for new employer 
- page 5 of I-983 for previous employer
Form I-983 


Address Update:

Ensure your address is correct and up to date in the International Student Platform:
User Menu >> My Home >> Edit Profile>> Address Info tab>> Edit US Physical Address>> 

Update Employment: 

Use the link below to report change/update in your employment.


  • Remember to report any changes/updates within 10 days to the International Student Services Office.  

  • Work 20 hours or more per week.

  • Not exceed the allowed days of unemployment. 

    • OPT- 90 days of unemployment within your 12 months of OPT

    • STEM OPT- 60 days of unemployment within your STEM period 

On the next screen, to login, be sure to choose: 
- "I have login credentials to this site that I received by email”
- Your Username is your New Paltz email address and the password is the one you created. 
<<As an OPT /STEM OPT student, you will always choose  "I have login credentials to this site that I received by email” to access this site.>>