Off-Campus Housing
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Off-Campus Housing

SUNY New Paltz does not work with or endorse any specific company or landlord, but you can check to see if there are any openings available at these places:

  • Ridge Apartments: These are probably more expensive than the rest because they are newer, and they are right across the street from the middle of campus.

  • Southside Apts: A two-to-eight minute walk to the middle of campus, depending what part of the complex the apartment is located (it's huge and it's almost like living on campus as it's all students). Call 845-255-7205.

  • Paltz Commons: An eight-minute walk from the north end of campus. Call 845-389-3321 or email

  • Three Prospect: An eight-minute walk from the north end of campus. Call 845-255-8721.

  • Windsor Court Apartments: Right across the street from Southside Apartments.

  • Village Arms Condominiums: A 12-minute walk from the north end of campus. Call 845-255-9102.

  • New Paltz Gardens: A 15-minute walk from the north end of campus.

  • Turtle Rock Apartments: A 15-minute walk from the north end of campus.

  • Bella Terra Apartments: Fifteen minutes from the south end of campus.

  • Off Campus Student Housing Co.: A 15-minute walk from the north end of campus. Call 845-255-3717.

  • Meadowbrook Farm: A 25-minute walk from the north end of campus. Call 845-255-5305.

  • Mulberry Square Apartments: A 30-minute walk from the north end of campus. Call 845-255-5047.

  • Pencil Hill Apartments: Call 845-32-4113.

  • SUNY New Paltz Off-Campus Housing Bulletin Board: Landlords post openings here. Students that already have apartments and are looking for roommates post here as well. If none of the current postings interest you, post on this board letting people know you're looking for a place. A landlord or student who has a sudden opening later may contact you.

  • New Paltz Times: See All Rentals in the Classifieds section.

  • Hudson Valley Craigslist: See Housing section.

When signing a lease, you will likely be required to pay a deposit on the apartment up to the amount of one month's rent. You may also be expected to pay monthly rent on a date determined in concert with your landlord. Be ready to pay a large amount of money up front when you move in to your apartment. You might receive the security deposit back at the end of your lease if there is no damage done to your rented space.

Temporary Accommodation in New Paltz

If you need a temporary place to stay in New Paltz while you look for a place to live, you can contact:

Please remember that SUNY New Paltz has no affiliation with any of the hotels, apartments, or houses mentioned on this page. This information is provided as a service to international students but is not a guarantee of availability.